Our view on the environment

Environmental Policy
At Hans Jensen Transport A/S, we undertake to reduce Co2 emissions to the greatest possible extent.
We will do this by focusing on freight and diesel consumption.

In addition to the above, we undertake to comply with applicable legislation and to ensure continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.

In addition to whose environmental policy we have chosen to show environmental considerations:


Our laundry room is equipped with solar system that helps to heat the water to the high temperature we are able to wash with. It keeps the energy consumption down and we thereby remove another co2 source of discharge.


When Hans Jensen Transport A/S purchases cars, it is important for us that the car always has the best EURO standard.


Through our fleet management system, we have a route planning program that ensures that we always drive "The Shortest Way" in relation to the route we are using. Thorough route planning is a major advantage of new routes or new drivers


Through our fleet management system we ensure optimal utilization of the fleet. We can see the location of our cars with incredibly high accuracy and we can follow the driver's directions. It allows us to regulate unintentional routes, reduce freight and ensure optimum communication.


Our fleet management system allows drivers to see their energy-efficient and economical driving on-screen. They are awarded "penalty points" if they have high speed in turn, hard brakes and drive in wrong gear. This means that drivers keep focus on their driving on a daily basis.


By using low rolling tires, and using energy-efficient tires, the advantage is that fuel consumption is reduced. And there are extra big savings to pick up by continuously checking that we are driving with the right tire pressure.


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